Sustainability Festival

Sustainability Festival in and around the Kulturschloss Kuenburg in Payerbach


Autonomous, sustainable and inclusive Festival 17-19 June

Workshops, bands, theater, cinema, regional cuisine.


Self-catering, open stage, participation of visitors, workshops, inclusive environment

Sustainable, self-governing and with YOU


17-19. June 2016: Festival

13-17. June: Training camp in Payerbach for volunteers

For who?

For young people that want some change in the world, families, young artists who want to share their talent, active people who are involved in projects, people who embrace inclusion at their hearts, people who like to share, dance and want to interact with other people.


in Kulturschloss Kuenburg


What’s this? Probably something different for every person – in any case, colorful and varied! Just as the many ideas and projects who work today for a future with social justice and ecology.

Food Coops, CSA, community gardens, Repair Cafes, Hack Labs, Welfare Bank, barter exchanges, cargo bikes, sharing networks, renewable energy, inclusion projects …

There will be a waste balance: You mean one of the goals of the festival is to avoid waste. There is a focus on a reusable solutions. An artistic confrontation with the topic of waste generation and the impact on nature is being considered. In collaboration with foodsharing, the idea is to teach visitors the problem of food waste. This issue can also be worked artistically, through a theater representation with young people.

We want to invite YOU to share project ideas and already existing projects. And help us in the planning and implementation of this idea. Whether as a workshop organizer, volunteer / volunteer, chef / cook, artist, …



Join with a proposal before 15th May.

The result of the participatory concept is a colorful active program of an event that was created by many different people and is not only visited as users. In the implementation, planning and workshops especially young people and young projects are involved. This means the possibility of learning in the active participation of a concrete project. Also, people with disabilities and asylum-seekers or immigrants will have active participation. There will be a buddy system to help, for example, in linguistic barriers.

The festival is built around the ethics of Permaculture, a design concept for the closing of cycles. Specifically, it is about the 3 points

  • Earth Care
  • People Care
  • Fairshare

under Earth Care falls, as the name suggests, the ecological component. For example, it is about the water consumption at the festival, the environmental impact, the impact on nature. In this regard, we want to promote carpooling, traveling by train, etc. In addition, throughout the event, sustainable products of green cosmetic can also be prepared in workshops.

under the item People Care social components are involved, such as access to resources. Here we want to provide free places for those with less economic capital, or socially disadvantaged people; let them access the Festival easily, take part and give them a chance to present their talents in the form of workshops or presentations, while at the same time learning different ways of sharing knowledge. Buddy system (a support person) for people who need it.

under Fair Share we promote the redistribution of goods. In this sense, we want the festival to be a space where people can offer and exchange no longer used objects, breathing new life into them. Furthermore, there will be a Repair Cafe, as well as Foodsharing, Upcycling, creative workshops …


We are looking for cooks, chefs, volunteers that have sustainable food ideas at heart.


Cooking – sustainable and, as much as possible, regional

Food will be prepared for all participants, using locally made fire barrels.

Please bring homemade food as well.

Furthermore, we’re considering cooking workshops by KAMA.

Dish is brought by the guests themselves.

Who has brought no utensils can be a borrow. Besides Kostnixladen there will also be a Leiladen on the model of Leila Vienna. (tbc)

It pans give this to wash themselves with biodegradable cleaning agents that can be produced in workshops.


Do you play an instrument? Or are you part of a band? Are you active in a circus collective? Maybe a DJ? Theater? Would like to perform at the festival? Please join before May 15, and tell us what you imagined so a varied program can be put together.

End of May we will publish the program.


Join, offer, teach and learn again. Would you like to facilitate a workshop at the Kuenburg?

Please join before May 15, tell us what you imagined so a varied program can be put together.

End of May we will publish the program.

Already confirmed their participation:

  • Oasis with Thai massage and Reiki on offer. (Julia and Kathi)
  • T-Shirt Upcycling (Katja Beautiful) You can bring an old T-shirt (or find a T-shirt on site) and together with Katja Beautiful you’ll redesign it. The T-shirts are partially cut and knotted again, reassembled. After about 30 minutes you will not recognize your old T-shirt.
  • Repair Café? (Oliver Repair Cafe wien) Throwing away? – no thanks! What does one do with a toaster which no longer works? The hair dryer is dead, a lamp doesn’t light up, or no sound coming out of a beloved radio? We help you repair it, no matter how clever (or not) you are. Simply get in contact 🙂 . We have a wide range of tools, spare parts, and especially ideas – what is needed to make anything broken, usable again. For a donation we repair what can be repaired. Repairs can be anything! You can carry one device per visit. Any spare parts which we do not have here, you have to bring them yourself. We tell you what parts are needed and where to get them!

Open Space

a window of time in which no program is specified, and the visitors can offer spontaneous workshop

Open Stage

different time windows in which the stage is set for spontaneous demonstrations


Give-away Shops
Repair and more with the Repair Cafe Löwengasse
Share Area

a large poster will be filled during the course of the festival, with information elaborated during the festival. At the end of the information will be published digitally.


There will be childcare during the period of the festival. A room with toys. Gladly want to invite some experienced mothers, fathers who founded a self-managed group of children. We are still looking for someone that wants to take over the coordination of this task.

Please join before May 15, tell us what you imagined so a varied program can be put together.

What do you need?

Good mood, sleeping bag, underlay, tent or hammock and a shared ride (the best organized here in the group), or better yet, take the train and organize group tickets.

Have a look around in your house for things that you do not need any more, and that other people could use. Pack them and bring them into the Give-away shop.

Furthermore, we look forward to any homemade food, drinks or jams that you can bring.